Network Speed in Web Design Business

Internet has brought the whole global market into a common platform. Thus, making it easier for the world market to exchange information and communicate with each other. Today, every business whether it’s a small scale or a large scale, depends on e-commerce. These days Interaction with the customer is mostly done over emails or social media etc. Thus, it is much required to have a good network speed.

In a web design company, a good network speed is the most important criteria to grow the business. Factors like design of the web page such as number of graphics and their size, use of frames and tables, responsive design and the size of the web page such as overall length of pages content and coding combined.It also helps to be in touch with your clients. The design of the website can have a big impact on how quickly the site loads which consequently can have an effect on your client or customers.

Why a good network speed is required?

  • • A good network speed can help an organization to conduct a thorough research on its rivalries, and know more about their strategies and statistics which can be very helpful in expanding its own business.
  • • These websites can sell products and services online.It is preferably more convenient as no concrete building is required for doing its business. So, a better network speed can make it a pleasant experience for the customers to use these platforms for purchasing products.
  • • Internet helps a business owner to use various social media platforms to get an idea about the current interests of its customers. Also, it helps the business analysts to study what is trending in the market. It helps to communicate with the customers directly and thus gets a feedback from its people regarding the product and its services.
  • • Some businesses use advertisements online to grab attention of customers in a very short span of time. An online advertisement helps to find information regarding the business only by looking for the related terms with the help of a search engine.These are comparatively easy and can be affordable for anyone,even ifit’s an owner of a small scale business. Therefore, helping him to compete with the big businesses.
  • • The Internet can make it convenient for the business owner to reach millions of the customers all over the world. The Internet-based businesses offer low administrative costs and also have a wide audience all over the world.

Understanding Bandwidth for Web Designing

Bandwidth is basically the amount of information that aninternet connection can handle. So, it is very important to estimate how many people use it at a time. An internet connection with a larger bandwidth can transfer much faster than an internet connection with a lower bandwidth. A web designing business needs a lot more bandwidth for daily operations as large contents are consumed and also mention network speed for your web design company and cables.

A high network speed allows you to utilize newer solutions like cloud services, hosted email, offsite backup, remote access, etc. This helps in improving efficiency, mobility, and enhancing disaster recovery.

Internet Speed Required

Internet speed is measured in megabits per second or Mbps.For Businesses like web designing, approximately 100Mbps per 1000 users or 100Kbps per user is required. For a high-definition video streaming4Mbps of download speed is needed. For video conferencing, about 8Mbps of download speed is required. But nowadays Internet usage doubles every year. If you need 10Mbps of bandwidth service now, then next year you might need 20Mbps. Find out more at NetwerkKabel.

It is very important to keep a track of your bandwidth usage. Earlier it was quite easy to figure out how much Internet speed you needed as dial-up was the only option. Service providers coulddiffer, but then it was the same service. Today, things are more complex and difficult. You have more options. You can now choose between DSL(digital subscriber line), cable, and fiber optics and all the speed tiers offered by each provider.

Speeding Up the Network

Often, people expect websites to load within a couple of seconds. In case of a delay of more than three seconds, users might abandon that website. So, if your website is not performing quite well and you want to make some improvements, here are some of the factors that might require your attention.

  • • Inefficient Coding
  • • Content in your website
  • • Using a content delivery network
  • • Network provider

Inefficient Coding

Inefficient coding can lead to slow loading of websites.Rectifying redundant codes and removing any duplication can drastically influence the site’s performance.

Content in your website

It is good to have mixed content on your site but images that you upload should be compressed to avoid slowing things down. Large images can take a really a long time to load, so make sure every picture on your page is compressed to the maximum. Sort out the images and select certain images. Rest can be replaced with text and wording to speed up the loading time.

Using a content delivery network

Content delivery networks are becoming the most widely used around the web. These helps the users to download your pages in parallel, doubling the speed of delivery and it becomes easier to show content such as large images or videos to every visitor to your site.Having a faster website is not only good for business but also for the overall customer experience. There are lots of companies that will be able to assist in optimising the performance of your site, if you are not sure about how to achieve efficiency for your website.

Subscribing to an efficient network provider

It is paramount to have seamless broadband connection to enable access users to web pages. One should choose the best service provider in the locality/city having good service credentials. Also important is the fact that connectivity can be wireless and wired. Both have their inherent pros and cons to be given due regard while selecting the service provider.

Field of improvement

Website network speed can be further enhanced by adopting the following:

  • • Enhanced computer system.
  • • Latest web designing tools.
  • • Using animation tools for better user interface.
  • • Incorporate social media to improve access to website.
  • • Implement call on actions.
  • • Use of right images.
  • • Navigation to guide the user.